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The wonderful ladies at The Kitchn have written a guide on how to bake home-made pies. 🙂 Love it. It says a lot of what I have always felt: It’s about the flavor, not about the looks. If you are like my mom, whose artistic abilities and patience allow her to replicate the picture or even make it better, I am in awe of you. But the rest of us fret about the look of our baked goods. It also talks about crusts and all the steps for the pie. Joy.

Go and check it out! 🙂


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Today a friend of mine called to tell me about a place called Culture Kitchen. It’s a cooking school in San Francisco where people go to learn not only the meal but the culture behind a dish, all taught by people who originally come from that place of the world. They are not professionals, it’s not fancy. It’s a place to share food, culture and foster relationships.

Read the NPR article about it. Go to their site.

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